Southern Architecture

By Jamie Bando
Buildings represent both a pastime and a future—portrayed by the new, the old, and the refurbished. The South’s brick and mortar not only denotes its foundation, but its cultural identity.

For What We Worked

By Matthew Jernigan
The revival of local food and culture through the life and work of Simon and Natasha of Small Potatoes Farm
A glimpse into the Fuquay-Varina High School Bengals' 2012 football season and the town who supports them from the stands

My Idea of the South

By Lauren Henschel
My idea of the “South” is skewed to say the least. I came from Miami, FL a place that is more South in its actual location than Durham. So what is the actual “South”?

Tasty Haven

By Margaret Perry
Southern comfort and soul food has deep roots that are entwined with events, encounters, and relationships. The role food plays in the culture of the south is evident at Tasty Haven, a restaurant specializing in southern cuisine and grandma’s secret recipes.
Performance is much like everyday life. We all get up in the morning and make ourselves presentable—it’s part of societal expectations. So why do we assume that making ourselves presentable for the stage should be any less authentic?
As time goes on, Durham and the greater South continue on in a state of transition, blurring the lines between past, present and future.

Country Cuisine

By Becky Davis
Mama Dip’s Restaurant is a welcoming, homestyle restaurant while priding themselves in food service excellence created by their lively employees.
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